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Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

For many homeowners, choosing paint colors is both exciting and stressful! To help you navigate the paint selection process and assist you in selecting your colors, we offer several options.

Practical Tips for Evaluating Paint Colors

 We use Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and C2 paints because they offer exceptional quality and durability. For samples of these paints, please visit the websites below to find a store near you:


• The above paint companies have great websites for exploring different colors.

• All of the paint brands have “sample size” containers or large color samples available, so you don’t have to buy a full gallon of paint to evaluate a color.

• When you’re ready to evaluate actual paint colors on your home, brush your paint samples on a color board moving it around in areas that gets both sun and shade, depending on the time of the day. Look at how the color changes in the different lights. For a room in your home, you also should consider how the color looks during the day versus the evening. Ask yourself, when do you spend the most time in your room? Do you like how the color looks during that time period?

• To coordinate colors with exposed parts of your home, consider how your paint samples look when they are adjacent to any exposed brick (such as your fireplace or chimney), your roof color (for exteriors), and/ or your wood floors or carpets (interiors). To make it easy to evaluate your paint samples against different textures, paint some color on a large illustration board, so you can easily move your sample around.

• If you live in an HOA community, ask your HOA for a list of the allowed paint colors in your neighborhood. Drive around your neighborhood to identify your favorite color combinations.

• When matching existing paint colors, the best way to match colors is to take something off of your home and take it into the paint store.

• When in doubt, seek the advice of our professional color consultant!


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